Doc-Tour® System:

  • Allow viewing surgical procedures from start to finish and hear about the surgical risks in an easy to understand, non-threatening, step-by-step fashion.
  • Explain in writing almost all of the complications associated with surgery using simple, easy-to-understand language instead of difficult medical terms.

Developed by Surgeons, for Surgeons. In addition to Graphic Surgery's founders, specialists in the appropriate fields are involved in the production of each module to ensure accuracy and usefulness.

Available Whever Your Patients are Located. At clinics, hospitals, or outpatients surgery centers. All that is needed for access is an internet connection and a typical multi-media computer. No special equipment or costly initial purchases are necessary. System requirements

Itís easy to subscribe, just follow these steps Ö

  1. Click on the stethoscope
  2. Read and accept the legal information (printable) - User Agreement & Consent (Disclaimer & Privacy Statement)
  3. Complete the demographic information
  4. Choose your procedures
  5. Complete the billing information & verify all information
  6. Read Subscription Agreement and accept (printable)
  7. Print receipt
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