Surgery Insight™

What is Surgery Insight™?
Surgery Insight is a voluntary, innovative multi-media system of interactive programs to help plan members make informed decisions about surgery and maximize their outcomes. Modules addressing today's most frequent and costly surgeries use educational tools, including 3-D animation, that provide clear, understandable explanations of the procedures and their risks. In addition, patients are guided through the fundamental steps of how to select the right physician, make the best treatment decision, prepare for the hospital stay, and return to good health.

What Are the Benefits of Surgery Insight™?
Surgery Insight is a patient education tool that helps plan members structure discussions and make well-informed choices about treatment options and providers. A well-informed consumer has the information needed to have better conversations with their provider and select the best treatment option for them. When surgery is the right option, studies have shown that education helps patients have better outcomes. Surgery Insight may be used as a stand-alone educational program or as a pivotal component in Surgery by Design™.


Case Study

In November 2003, the client implemented Surgery Insight as a voluntary program available to all employees and family members.

  • In the first year, 12% of all employees used the tool, representing approximately 43% of all surgical patients.
  • Overall surgical cost was reduced 6% in a targeted group of over-utilized surgeries.
  • The client's employee surveys provided evidence that the cost reduction was primarily due to Surgery Insight rather than other benefit plan changes, documenting several instances in which employees choose conservative therapies after using Graphic Surgery's tools.

Sample utilization report