Surgery Analytics™

What is Surgery Analytics™?
Surgery Analytics measures your surgical utilization and costs by procedure category and compares results to benchmarks, identifying specific problem areas - procedures with disproportionately high utilization, cost, or growth rates. Further analysis of these problem areas can identify cost drivers, trends and variations amenable to cost containment measures.

What Are the Benefits of Surgery Analytics™?
The information furnished by Surgery Analytics can help you make better decisions about your plan designs; You tailor your program to address problem areas, and assess performance against measurable benchmarks.


Case Study

Client Findings   

Below are some examples of specific findings acquired through Surgery Analytics:                            

  • A major producer and transporter of natural gas was surprised to learn that their PEPM cost of surgery was increasing at 22% year over year; and that three key categories were responsible for 64% of surgical costs measured.
  • A multi-sited hi-tech firm in the chemical industry discovered that their rates of surgery in all key categories were more than double the national benchmark utilization rates.
  • A leading manufacturer in the filtration industry found that utilization of high-priced surgeries, surgeries that cost more than $25,000 per surgery, was the main driver of their increase in total surgery costs.
  • A Midwest manufacturer learned that back surgeries alone cost them $28 PEPM.

Each of these companies is acting on this information by implementing a customized Graphic Surgery program.


Cost Drivers and Trends
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