Surgery Benefits Management is a comprehensive strategy for managing the cost and quality of surgery. A demonstrated approach using data analysis, consumer education and benefit plan modification ensures that your employees are having the right surgery, at the right time, with the right outcome.

Claims analysis with a unique focus on surgery.

Learn, by key surgical category, cost information, utilization rates, and trends. Benchmark your group to other self-insured employers. This report provides actionable information.

A voluntary multimedia tool that promotes health care consumerism by facilitating learning and decision making related to surgeries.

Enable your employees to make better-informed decisions about surgery, and become more engaged in their health care choices. Studies show that well-informed patients have better outcomes.

Structured surgery education programs integrated into plan design.

Encourage or drive employee participation in surgical education programs and surgical case management by using incentives or plan design differentials. Unwarranted variations in surgical utilization can be targeted, and quality and outcomes data can be documented.


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