Graphic Surgery, LLC is built on the premise that improved quality and manageable costs are the result of good consumer decision-making and complete transparency. Graphic Surgery was founded in 2000 by two surgeons (Patricia Gelnar, M.D., Ph.D. and Carl Lauryssen, M.D.) based on this premise and is the only U.S. firm focused solely on providing Surgery Benefits Management programs that achieve these goals.

Patients in our health care system often feel relegated to a de-personalized system in which time with their doctors is limited. Little or no support structure is available to help with the most difficult decisions, such as whether surgery is the right option. The lack of support and education can leave patients frustrated, bewildered, and unprepared for one of the most important treatment decisions impacting their life.

Since 2000, Graphic Surgery has focused on creating consumer-friendly programs and services that improve physician-patient communication, patient decision-making, and patient compliance, while providing real transparency to the surgical process.